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    A garden should ideally reflect who you are, what you like, and provide you a space for relaxation away from busy everyday life. If you want that huge tree-house tree in your back yard, simply planting a tree and waiting might not give you the tree you imagine. Pruning, however, can. With more than 16 years in the business, we’ve developed a reputation of friendliness, professionalism, price competitiveness and efficiency. Why pruning a tree yourself can be a mistake Pruning a tree is vital to its well-being and shape, but pruning it too much, or not enough, can injure the tree. Without the help of a professional it is also easy to fail to see when a tree is exhibiting signs of illness, or perhaps poses a falling hazard to property or people. Doing the job yourself can seem like a tempting way to save money, but not only is the equipment costly, and subject to breaking and wearing out, but if done wrong the job can prove seriously dangerous to you and those helping you. Need other arborist work done? Check out our homepage to see everything we can do for you, such as tree stump removals and tree lopping.

    Benefits of pruning a tree

    Have you ever come across a tree that’s so beautiful, thick and well-shaped that it makes you stop? Chances are it’s been closely pruned by an arborist from the time it was planted until it was fully grown. Pruning a young tree, known as developmental pruning, is vital to the tree’s eventual shape and health.

    Tree pruning in Perth, Mandurah, Rockingham, Safety Bay, Lakelands and other WA areas

    We not only bring our tree pruning services to Perth, but also go to a number of other WA suburbs. Not sure if we travel to your suburb? We just might! Call us on 0405 557 500 to ask!

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    Whether you need to remove dead or diseased branches, or beginning the developmental pruning of a young tree, hiring us to prune your trees will save you a lot of work, hassle and hazards, and will ensure your trees are happy, healthy and well-shaped. Not sure what work needs to be done? No worries. Contact us on 0405 557 500 and we will come to your house and offer you a free quote.