The Tree & Stump Removal Specialists In Perth And A Number Of Other WA Areas

    Stump Removal in Perth

    There are many reasons why you might need to tree stump removel. Perhaps it has caught disease, it has died, it blocks the sun, it’s unsightly or it blocks a building project. Whether you have an entire tree or an unsightly stump in your backyard that needs removing, or perhaps a stubborn stump with hard-to-remove tree roots standing in the way of your building project, Shayne’s Tree Services is here to help!

    Our expertise

    With 16 years in the business, we’ve become one of Perth’s preferred arborist services for all your tree needs. Whether you need tree pruning, tree lopping, or any of our other tree services, we will see it done. For each and every job we provide on-time, efficient, affordable, friendly, and above all safe tree stump removal to Perth and many surrounding WA suburbs.

    Our commitment to a safety culture

    We are strongly committed to safety and ensure all our work is completed as safely as possible. While the trees and the equipment we work with every day can be dangerous in unskilled or unsafe hands, we will take the time to ensure we’ve properly assessed all risks involved in a job. This is not only to ensure our own safety at work, but to ensure the safety of the public, and our customers.

    Tree Stump Removal in Lakelands, Mandurah, Perth, Rockingham, Safety Bay, Waikiki and many other areas

    Our skilled arborists travel out to a number of WA areas. Whether you need help with tree stump removal in Rockingham, or tree lopping in in Perth, we travel out to you. Not sure if we travel to your suburb? We just might! Call us on 0405 557 500 to check!

    Book your tree stump removal today

    Do you have a stump you’ve been meaning to get rid of forever, but the job just seems like too much hassle to start? Don’t wait, Shayne’s Tree Services can come to your property and provide you with a free quote. Be it in Safety Bay, Mandurah or elsewhere near Perth in WA, chances are we can come and remove your stump for you. Call us on 0405 557 500 to speak to one of our friendly arborists, or to book a consultation today.