Affordable Tree Lopping Services In Perth And Surrounding WA Areas

tree lopping

Overhanging branches or whole trees can pose real structural and physical hazards. In strong winds or simply by themselves, branches can break away from the trunk. Large trees planted in loose soil can be hazardous as their root systems aren’t properly supported (such as plane trees or eucalypts), which can loosen over time and fall over. If you worry that a tree might not be safe, or if you have a tree lopping services or removing, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0405 557 500 to receive expert advice and a free quote on the job. Waiting might leave you with a dangerous situation on your hands. Getting an expert in will solve the problem or ease your mind. 

Our tree lopping services and other arborist services

With 16 years in the business, we are one of the Perth region’s most trusted arborists. We specialise in removing large and hard to move trees, as well as tree pruningstump removal and a number of other arborist services. We are committed to keeping the highest safety practices, in order to keep ourselves, the public, our clients and their property safe.

Tree lopping in Rockingham, Lakelands, Mandurah, Perth and Safety Bay

We not only lop trees in Perth, but also offer our services to nearby areas. Our arborists are efficient, friendly and affordable. We bring all necessary equipment to where you need us. If you wonder whether we travel to your area, wonder no more. Ring us on 0405 557 500 and find out.

Get a free quote on your tree lopping job today

Whether you have an overhanging tree branch over your car spot or your shed, or a large tree stealing all your sunlight and the view over the ocean, we can remove it for you. Our skilled arborists can not only remove the tree for you, but also remove the stump and roots if you wish for a complete removal job. Whether you live in Mandurah or Lakelands, Perth or other WA areas and require our tree lopping services, call us on 08 9593 4203 or mobile 0405 557 500 to enquire about your tree.